Inside a year 9 classroom!

Hi everyone! I’m so sorry for not blogging yesterday even though I said it would, I came back really late from Coventry and didn’t have any time. Anyway today I’m going to do another “Inside a ….”! But this time I’m going to do a year 9 classroom, although you probably already know that because of the title. Oh well😂 Right, let’s start! At the front, you have the smart kids. I don’t really like saying “nerds” or “Geeks” because I feel like people think it’s a bad thing. These people are some of the best people in the class, I … Continue reading Inside a year 9 classroom!

Old Friend Reuniun!

Hi everyone! I’m currently eating a fish finger sandwich on my bed while waiting for Netflix to load, it takes forever!! Anyway, yesterday I met up with my old best friends from my Primary! We had all gone to different secondary schools so it was so nice to see them again. We met up in a pizza place called Basement Browns and honestly just sat and chat for like 2 hours! It was so funny because the only seats left were ones that had wheels and I swear the floor wasn’t completely flat because I kept sliding backwards!😂 It was 12:30 ish when we ordered, … Continue reading Old Friend Reuniun!

Half term!

Hi everyone! My school broke up for the spring half term holiday today so I just thought I would give you a little plan of what I’m planning to do! I am planning on blogging on maybe Saturday/Sunday but definitely Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (My birthday!) and hopefully Saturday!! I’m especially looking forward to doing a birthday haul and just blog about what I did this coming week! This is also a sorta big change to my blog, I’m not going to make header images for my blog posts anymore because I feel like they are irrelevant but definitely look for … Continue reading Half term!